Written and the documents selected by Dr. József Németh (BME)
Photos: János Philip (BME), Klára Láng (MTAK)
English translation: Adrienn Nagy
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His first patent, the aeroplane merry-go-round, was submitted by him as “Dennis Gabor, pupil” in Budapest on 8 October 1910 (Royal Hungarian Patent Office, patent specification on 14 November 1911).

He received more patents to the so-called Metalldampfbogenlampe, the cathode ray tube and the electronoptical system. When he sent the season’s greetings to Pál Selényi on 1 January 1949, he described the greatest invention of his life as follows: “I call the diffraction diagram “hologram”, because it containes “holos”, the whole information.” (Holographic Pictures, US 3.545.836).

Dennis Gabor won the 1971 Nobel Prize in Physics for “his invention and development of the holographic method”.

The list of patents of Dennis Gabor has been published in Hungarian in the translation of Pál Greguss and with the contribution of the Hungarian Patent Office (Fizikai Szemle 2000/6).