Written and the documents selected by Dr. József Németh (BME)
Photos: János Philip (BME), Klára Láng (MTAK)
English translation: Adrienn Nagy
Made by the Visualia Kreatív Ügynökség
© Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The homage of posterity
The Novofer Foundation has created the Dennis Gabor Prize in 1989 to acknowledge outstanding field research of innovation.

There is a memory tablet on his house with his name to treasure his memory. In the park of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics a bronze statue was dedicated to him, and we find his holographic portrait in the I Building of the university.

From 17 December 2009 on the childern’s sketchbook of Dennis Gabor and the slides representing the main events of his life can be found at the webpage of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.